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Earnest Desktop Applications   Technical / FAQs

System Requirements
Microsoft ® Windows Vista, 7 , 8, 10
Microsoft ® (Office) Access 2000 - 2016 (32 bit)
LAN connection (for multi-user configuration)
Adobe Acrobat (for storing and sending reports)
50mb storage for application files

Server (for multi-user configuration):
Designated shared directories
Simultaneous, multiple user access, r/w permissions.
1 – 30 MB storage per average project file.
Access 64 bit?
No, the application is designed for Access 32 bit only. If you are running Office 64 bit, it may be possible to configure a run-time version of the application, but base functionality may be limited.
Install Microsoft Access on each PC?
With the Earnest application running on Microsoft Access, the user has the option of using advanced features to import or export data, create action queries to manipulate data, modify or create new reports and even enhance the standard features of the application. Without Microsoft Access installed, the application will operate in run-time mode, in which case the user is limited to editing data using the application's base features.
Install the Earnest Application on each end-user's machine?
It is highly recommended that the application is installed locally on each end-user's machine. If instead, the application is run from a server, performance may be reduced and it can utilized by only one user at a time.
Can the application be run from a server?
Not recommended. Performance will be reduced and if you have multiple users there will be problems. Install the Earnest system files on each end-user's local drive:
c:\earnest\ . We recommend that the Project ("back-end") files be stored on a server with routine back-up.
Is there a SQLServer version?
There is not. The desktop applications all run on Microsoft Access®. The reason is that we are committed to keeping the applications customizable, easy to install, easy to use and easy to move from server to laptop and back.
Is there a run-time version?
There is not, however if you open the application on a PC without Microsoft Access installed, it will run by default in run-time mode. When in run-time mode, the user is limited to editing data using the application's standard features.
What does multi-user mean?
The system is designed for use by the entire project team in a networked environment. Multiple users can work simultaneously, on the same or different projects. The project ("back-end") files are separate and independent, stored in a shared directory on a server drive. Tables in a project file contain all the actvie data, which is linked to the application file on each user's machine. The user can easily switch from one project to another by means of automated "Project Navigation" routines.
Is there a limit to the number of projects the application can handle.
There is no limit. Each project file (an Access database "back-end" file) can handle up to 255 users at a time.
Can the applications handle extremely large complicated projects?
Absolutely. This is where a well designed database is essential. Each project is a separate Access database file able to store up to 2 gigabytes of data and manage up to 255 users at a time.
Small, simple projects?
Re-using data from templates you create from past projects is a highly efficient way to turn out quick, impeccable deliverables for expansion, boutique and TI projects.
Compatable with Revit?
Data can be imported from and exported to Revit and other external systems, and there are some standard routines provided for this purpose (others can be added). There is no provision for 'live linking'.
Licensing and Ordering
How many licenses do I need?
The standard "SITE" license covers an unlimited number of users located in a single office location. You will need a license for each office/location you intend to deploy. As an example, if you have users in your San Francisco, Menlo Park and Los Angeles offices, you would need 3 Site licenses.
Can I get same-day delivery?
In some cases this is possible. Call us directly to place your order and we will do our best to accommodate you.
What about people who travel between offices or work at home?
The Site license covers users with laptops as long as two conditions are met: 
1.) the user is working on projects managed by a licensed office AND 
2.) the laptop is maintained and controlled by a licensed office. 
As an example; the LA office has a Site License, and has a team working on project "A". The Earnest application can be installed on laptops controlled by the LA office, and team members can use the application to work on the project wherever they travel, and at home.
Can I purchase with a credit card?
We accept credit cards online exclusively through PayPal. Go to Pricing and Ordering. To order click the product "Add to Cart" button, then follow the instructions.

When the transaction is complete you will receive a confirmation from PayPal followed by an email from Earnest Development with instructions for downloading your files. Turn-around time is 1-5 business days.
Are single-user licenses available?
Single user licenses are available only to independent consultants and sole-proprietors at a discount price. Contact us directly for more information.
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